Your Japanese Source
Imports is run by car enthusiasts,
for car enthusiasts.

Our reputation is the most important thing to us

Your Japanese Source Imports is a vehicle import company specializing in importing vehicles from Japan for customers all across Canada. Customer satisfaction is our #1 priority, and that’s something we strive to provide for each and every customer that contacts us about importing a vehicle from Japan.

The vehicles we source have lower mileage, are in better condition, and are cheaper than vehicles available locally. It’s a no-brainer to import from Japan and buy a vehicle in near new condition, compared to something that has been winter driven in Canada for the last 15+ years.

Your Japanese Source, or YJS Imports for short, gets the majority of it’s work through word of mouth business, and recommendation from happy customers & friends or family of those customers who saw the quality of vehicle that their friend or family member received.

OUR Stocks

2003 Mitsubishi Lancer
Evolution 8

A few pictures of a 2003 Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution 8 a customer is bidding on tonight. These are legal to import into Canada starting in 2018. We have indoor storage available in Japan to hold cars until they are legal to import!

2001 Toyota Celsior UFC31

Check out this 2001 Toyota Celsior UFC31 won in auction yesterday for a client in Winnipeg. 4.3L V8 Motor, only 43,000 km. This car is practically brand new, for only a fraction of the price tag these retailed for when new.

1999 Toyota Supra Grade

Higher mileage 6 Speed Twin Turbo Supra up for auction next week, could be a nice pickup without paying the premium 6 Speed Twin Turbo units tend to go for.